TIWB Experts Round Table & Stakeholders Workshop


Mobilising Experts for the Support of Developing Countries
in International Tax Matters 


TIWB Tax Audit Experts Roundtable

2 November 2017 • 14:00-17:30

TIWB Stakeholders Workshop

3 November 2017 • 09:00-17:00


TIWB Tax Audit experts roundtable

The objective of this roundtable discussion is to brief experts for upcoming deployments on TIWB programmes across the globe and to share knowledge amongst currently active experts on their experience of working for TIWB.

*Participation in this roundtable discussion is limited to currently active or upcoming TIWB experts.  

Experts (current and upcoming) share their experiences in the delivery of TIWB programmes in different countries.


  • Martin Bergwerff - Tax Consultant, former Netherlands tax official
  • Marco Orlandi - Tax Consultant, former Italian tax official
  • Simon Potter - International Tax Specialist, Capacity Building Unit, HM Revenue & Customs, United Kingdom
  • Raynald Vial - Head of EOI unit - Competent authority, Direction Générale des Finances Publiques, France

tiwb stakeholders workshop

Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB) is an innovative OECD/UNDP initiative which facilitates targeted tax audit assistance programmes in developing countries worldwide. Under TIWB, tax audit experts work directly with the local tax officials in developing countries on current audits and audit-related issues, sharing general audit practices for specific cases.

This Stakeholders Workshop brings together tax audit experts, donors, host, and partner administrations, and will take stock of the practical lessons learned over the past two years of TIWB activities. The results and lessons learned will be fed directly into the planning of TIWB programmes in 2018 and beyond.


Session 1 Panellists: 

  • Davit Chitaishvili - Adviser, International Relations Department, Georgia Revenue Service
  • Athelia Grasco - Manager, Liberia Revenue Authority
  • William Nkitseng - Head of Large Taxpayer Unit, Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS)
  • Marcia Taylor Phang - Assistant General Manager & Deputy Head of Large Taxpayers Office, Tax Administration Jamaica

Moderated by Marcio Verdi, Executive Secretary, CIAT


Session 2 Panellists: 

  • Bertus Koster - Strategic Tax Policy Advisor International Affairs, Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration
  • Ignacio del Rio - Head of International Relations Co-ordination Unit, Cabinet of the Commissioner, Spain
  • Mathew Gbonjubola - Head of International Tax Department, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Nigeria
  • Simon Potter -  International Tax Specialist, HM Revenue & Customs, United Kingdom

Moderated by Gail Hurley, TIWB Project Manager and Policy Specialist on Development Finance, UNDP


Session 3 Panellists: 

  • Steffen Scholze - Joint Audit Co-ordinator, Federal Central Tax Office, Germany
  • Raynald Vial - Head of EOI Unit - Competent authority, Direction Générale des Finances Publiques, France

Moderated by Samia Abdelghani, Tax Advisor – Transfer Pricing, Global Relations and Development Division, OECD


Session 4 Breakout Groups: 

  • Group 1 - How to build synergies between TIWB and existing technical assistance providers in-country.

Moderated by Varsha Singh, Deputy Head of Global Relations and Development Division, OECD.


  • Group 2 - Identifying best practices in implementing the TIWB programme life cycle.

Moderated by Thulani Shongwe, International Tax Manager, ATAF.





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