TIWB: How it works


TIWB programmes are tailor-made to meet the different needs and capacities of all tax administrations. Host tax administrations may request TIWB assistance online and are in the driver’s seat of their programmes throughout the TIWB programme cycle. Multiple sources of financing are available to cover TIWB programme costs and experts come from partner tax administrations or the highly qualified TIWB Roster of Tax Audit Experts.

Through this video, discover how your tax administration can request TIWB assistance today.

TIWB: Expert assistance


TIWB supports tax administrations who are losing valuable revenues through ineffective audits of complex cross border transactions. TIWB Experts use a practical approach to provide guidance on identifying audit risks and undertaking real-time audits, while transferring valuable experience gained from dealing with similar issues in their home jurisdictions. Local auditors retain a sense of ownership, build confidence and reinforce capacities to implement the tax code, leading to improved voluntary compliance.

The TIWB Expert can assist every step of the way – both onsite and remotely in between visits.

TIWB: Expansion Areas


TIWB is expanding its model of practical, learning-by-doing technical assistance to cover new areas of tax.

Hear more about the additional tax domains where TIWB has commenced pilot programmes in the video above.



TIWB audits in Senegal supported by the French government over the 2014-15 period generated USD 18 million in additional tax revenues. A further USD 30 million is expected from ongoing audits. 

Discover more about the Senegalese TIWB experience in the case study above.



Liberian President (2006-2018), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, discusses the contribution TIWB makes to Liberia's Vision 2030 to increase domestic revenue and reduce reliance on international aid. The Liberian Revenue Authority is working with TIWB to apply the local tax laws so that multinational enterprises pay their fair share of tax.



Head of Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) - Ainsley Powell - highlights the benefits of the partnership between TAJ and TIWB.