TIWB Experts Roundtable & Stakeholders Workshop 2021


TIWB Experts Roundtable and Stakeholders Workshop
9-11 June 2021
Virtual conferences 


TIWB Experts Roundtable

9 June 2021 • 14:00-17:00 (UTC+2)

TIWB Stakeholders Workshop

10-11 June 2021 • 13:00-16:00 (UTC+2)



TIWB Experts Roundtable

14:00-14:20 | Welcome and Introduction
14:20-14:40 | Session 1: Resources available to TIWB Experts
14:40-15:15 | Session 2: Managing Risk during TIWB Programmes (Breakout Groups)
15:15-15:30 | Session 3: Breakout Groups - Participant Feedback
15:30-15:40 | Coffee Break
15:40-16:15 | Session 4: Transfer Pricing Audits – Gaps and Challenges
16:15-16:50 | Session 5: Supporting TIWB Programmes at the Country Level
16:50-17:00 | Wrap-up


The objective of this roundtable discussion is to provide an opportunity for TIWB experts to share experiences and identify best practices in implementation of TIWB programmes. Further topics for discussion include:


  • COVID-19 crisis and business continuity;
  • Expansion to new areas;
  • Best practices in implementation of TIWB programmes;
  • Knowledge management and sharing opportunities on TIWB Community of Practice;
  • Updated monitoring and evaluation / TIWB Scorecard;
  • New e-learning module for experts;
  • Contracting of Roster Experts; and
  • New UNDP Country Office Engagement Plans.


*Participation in this roundtable discussion is limited to currently active or upcoming TIWB experts, by invitation only.


TIWB Stakeholders Workshop

This Stakeholders Workshop brings together tax audit experts, host/partner administrations, regional and international partners, as well as donors. Stakeholders will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on programme delivery during the past year and going forward. The sessions will seek to shed light on key issues around programme implementation, including the lessons learned from increasing and relying solely on remote assistance.


The objectives of the Stakeholders Workshop are to:

  • Present progress on pilot areas, including criminal tax investigations, effective use of automatically exchanged information and tax and environment;
  • Inform stakeholders of good practices in promoting co-ordination at both regional and global levels;
  • Reinforce country ownership and attribution of results among technical assistance providers;
  • Update stakeholders on progress implementing recommendations emanating from the 2020 stocktake; and
  • Set forth key action points emerging from the meetings’ deliberations.


Thursday, 10 June 2021


13:00-13:30 | Opening and Update on the TIWB Initiative
13:30-14:30 | Session 1: TIWB Programme Delivery during the COVID-19 Crisis
14:30-14:45 | Coffee Break
14:45-15:50 | Session 2: TIWB Expansion to New Tax Areas
15:50-16:00 | Summary of Day 1


Welcome and Introductions

  • Mary Baine (Chair) – TIWB Governing Board member and Director of Tax Programmes, African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF)
  • Rusudan Kemularia – Head of TIWB Secretariat, Global Relations and Development Division, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA), OECD
  • Ahtesham Khan – TIWB Project Manager, Finance Sector Hub, UNDP


Session 1 Panellists: 

  • Hannan Khalaf – General Manager, International Tax Unit, Egyptian Tax Authority
  • Vy Tran – Senior Advisor, Tax Treaty, Transfer Pricing & Financial Transactions Division, CTPA, OECD
  • Anthony Clark – Transfer Pricing Advisor, Capacity Building Unit, Business, Assets & International, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs
  • Céline Renaud – Manager, International Coordination and Integration Section, International Relations and Treaties Office, Legislative Policy Directorate, Legislative Policy and Regulatory Affairs Branch

Moderated by Amna Khalifa, TIWB Project Manager, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD.


Session 2 Panellists:

  • Nilimesh Baruah – Senior Adviser, Tax and Crime, CTPA, OECD
  • Dr. Esther A. P. Koisin – Director, Department of International Taxation, Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia
  • Toril Iren Pedersen – Policy Director, Tax for Development, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)
  • Cedric Osuret – Manager, Financial Crime Investigations, Uganda Revenue Authority

Moderated by Ahtesham Khan, TIWB Project Manager, Finance Sector Hub, UNDP.


Closing remarks

  • Ben Dickinson – Head of Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD
  • Mary Baine (Chair) – TIWB Governing Board member and Director of Tax Programmes, ATAF



Friday, 11 June 2021


13:00-13:10 | Welcome and Recap of Day 1
13:10-14:15 | Session 3: Global and Regional Co-operation
14:15-14:30 | Coffee Break
14:30-15:50 | Session 4: Implementation of Stocktake Recommendations
15:50-16:00 | Closing Remarks and Next Steps


Welcome and Recap of Day 1

  • Mary Baine (Chair) – TIWB Governing Board member and Director of Tax Programmes, ATAF


Session 3 Panellists: 

  • Sameera Khan – Manager: Technical Assistance, African Tax Administration Forum
  • Monica Alonso – Manager, Cooperation and International Tax, Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT)
  • Ismaila Diallo - Deputy Secretary General, Cercle de Réflexion et d’Echange des Dirigeants des Administrations fiscales (CREDAF)
  • Nick Beresford - Resident Representative, UNDP Cambodia
  • Timo Voipo – Head of Cooperation, Embassy of Finland, Tanzania

Moderated by Thomas Beloe, SDG Finance Advisor, Finance Sector Hub, UNDP.


Session 4 Panellists: 

  • Henrik Lund – Head of Office for International Projects, Swedish Tax Agency
  • Orria Goni – Regional Advisor, Finance for Development and South-South Cooperation, UNDP Africa Finance Sector Hub
  • Amna Khalifa - Project Manager, TIWB Secretariat, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD

Moderated by Rusudan Kemularia, Head of TIWB Secretariat, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD.


Closing Remarks

  • Marcos Neto - Director, Finance Sector Hub, UNDP
  • Mary Baine (Chair) – TIWB Governing Board member and Director of Tax Programmes, ATAF





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