The TIWB Secretariat publishes bi-monthly newsletters to update the public of its activities and programmes progress. These newsletters provide case studies on TIWB programmes, highlight UNDP Country Office involvement, describe recent activities, propose recommended reading and note recent press coverage of the initiative. 


Volume 15: December 2023

Hear from Ms. Rusudan Kemularia, Head of the TIWB Secretariat, on the challenges, successes, and objectives of the initiative throughout the last five years, access the new TIWB e-learning module for experts, listen to what TIWB stakeholders are saying about the initiative, read about recent programme launches in Angola and Bhutan, and discover highlights from the latest UNDP Executive Board meeting.

Volume 14: July 2023

Read the Co-Chairs Statement from the annual Governing Board Meeting, download the Statement of Outcomes from the TIWB Stakeholders Workshop, learn about the latest revenue figures assessed from TIWB assistance, register online for the upcoming virtual workshops on “Unveiling BEPS Risks in the Extractives Sector“and “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting: A spotlight on the tourism sector”

Volume 12: July 2022

Read about the new TIWB programme launch in Togo; outcomes from the recent TIWB Governing Board meeting, tax audit training in the mining sector and High-Level Symposium on Tax and SDGs; and hear about the experience and successes of providing tax assistance to developing countries.

Volume 11: May 2022

Read about potential TIWB support for digitalisation of tax administrations, achieving the milestone of 100 TIWB programmes, the Mongolian Ministry of Finance’s recent efforts to modernise its tax legal framework in the mining sector, outcomes of the 2022 TIWB Experts Roundtable & Stakeholders Workshop, and a new OECD report on illicit financial flows in South Africa.

Volume 10: February 2022

Read about Governing Board member, Minister Ville Skinnari’s Reflections on the initiative and Finland’s tax and development strategy, register to attend TIWB’s session at the OECD’s Tax and Development Days 2022, read about the 100th TIWB programme launched in Senegal, as well as collaboration in Latin America to combat tax and financial crime.




Volume 9: November 2021

Hear from the Head of the TIWB Secretariat, Ms. Rusudan Kemularia, about highlights from the Annual Report 2021, watch the replay from TIWB’s recent high-level webinar and find out about the recently launched TIWB programme with the Revenue Department of Thailand.




Volume 8: September 2021

Read about UNDP Cambodia’s Country Office support of programme implementation in concertation with HMRC’s TIWB experts, see the global programes and discover the latest TIWB news from Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy and Administration.




Volume 7: July 2021

Read about Governing Board member, Dr. Ekniti Nitithanprapas' Reflections on the initiative, TIWB and CIAT’s collaboration combatting tax crime in Latin America and the Caribbean, fighting international tax avoidance and evasion in Senegal, recent programme launches in Bhutan, El Salvador and the Maldives, and an interview with Rusudan Kemularia, Head of the TIWB Secretariat.




Volume 6: April 2021

Read about TIWB and ATAF’s partnership for successful capacity building in Africa, how TIWB can help developing countries recover from COVID-19 economic repercussions, recent success by the Mongolia tax administration, and Norway’s technical collaboration with TIWB for systemic change.

Volume 5: December 2020

Read about the effect of COVID-19 on TIWB operations, reflections by Governing Board member Ms. Mary Baine (Director of Tax Programmes at the African Tax Administration Forum), learning-by-doing in Georgia, and UNDP's new Country Engagement Plans to strengthen the linkages between TIWB and the financing of the SDGs.

Volume 4: May 2020

Read about TIWB's ongoing work during the COVID-19 period, reflections by Governing Board member Sir Paul Collier (Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government), the French experience, a Rwanda-Netherlands partnership and UNDP Madagascar Country Office’s support to the local TIWB programme.

Volume 3: July 2019

Read about TIWB's continued growth, reflections by Governing Board member John Christensen (co-founder and director of the Tax Justice Network), highlights from the April 2019 TIWB Governing Board Meeting, South-South co-operation priorities and UNDP Maldives Country Office’s supportive role in programme implementation.

Volume 2: December 2018

Read about TIWB's participation in the inaugural Paris Peace Forum held in November 2018, reflections by Her Excellency Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (TIWB Governing Board member), a new pilot programme for tax criminal investigations, how TIWB is supporting Egypt's Vision 2030, small island developing states' reliance on the tourism industry, and new programmes and videos recently launched.

Volume 1: March 2018

Read about the successful Experts Roundtable and Stakeholders Workshop held in November 2017, new members of the TIWB Governing Board, Tax Administration Jamaica's TIWB programme, UNDP Uganda's commitment to supporting tax audit capacity building and reflections by Bob Hamilton (TIWB Governing Board member).