TIWB Experts Roundtable & Stakeholders Workshop 2022


TIWB Experts Roundtable and Stakeholders Workshop
8-10 March 2022
Virtual conferences 


TIWB Experts Roundtable

8 March 2022 • 13:00-16:00 (UTC+1)

TIWB Stakeholders Workshop

09-10 March 2022 • 13:00-16:00 (UTC+1)



TIWB Experts Roundtable

13:00-13:20 | Welcome and Introduction
13:20-14:00 | Session 1: TIWB Assistance - Lessons Learnt
14:00-14:20 | Session 2: New TIWB tools - E-learning Module
14:20-14:25 | Session 3: Poll
14:25-14:45 | Session 4: Support from UNDP Country Offices
14:45-15:00 | Coffee Break
15:00-15:35 | Session 5: TIWB Audit & Criminal Investigation Assistance (Breakout Groups)
15:35-15:50 | Session 6: Participants’ Feedback (Breakout Groups)
15:50-16:00 | Wrap-up


The objective of this roundtable discussion was to provide an opportunity for TIWB experts to share experiences and identify best practices in implementation of TIWB programmes. Further topics for discussion included:


  • Challenges and successes of providing TIWB assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Effectiveness of TIWB tools and procedures; and
  • UNDP country-level support.


*Participation in this roundtable discussion was limited to currently active or upcoming TIWB experts, by invitation only.


TIWB Stakeholders Workshop

This Stakeholders Workshop brought together tax audit experts, host/partner administrations, regional and international partners, as well as donors. The sessions sought to share experiences from participating stakeholders and discuss:


  • Key impacts of the TIWB initiative to date and opportunities to build capacities and improve domestic resource mobilisation through TIWB programmes;
  • How Host Administrations can effectively fight tax evasion through criminal investigations and the effective use of automatic exchange of information (AEOI) pilot programmes; and
  • Perspectives on co-operation with TIWB in the international technical assistance landscape, and how this represents effective support to host countries’ development objectives.


Wednesday, 9 March 2022

13:00-13:30 | Opening and Update on the TIWB Initiative
13:30-14:30 | Session 1: Country Experience and Future Opportunities
14:30-14:45 | Coffee Break
14:45-15:45 | Session 2: Impact Beyond Revenue
15:45-16:00 | Summary of Day 1


Welcome and Introductions

  • Bob Hamilton – Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency and TIWB Governing Board member
  • Rusudan Kemularia – Head of TIWB Secretariat, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD
  • Ahtesham R. Khan – Head of Tax for SDGs, Sustainable Finance Hub, UNDP


Session 1 Panellists: 

  • Sarah Muzungyo Chelangat – Commissioner, Domestic Taxes, Uganda Revenue Agency
  • Petra Jacobsen – International Director, Swedish Tax Agency
  • Marlon Antonio Vasquez Ticas – General Director for Internal Taxes, Ministry of Finance of El Salvador

Moderated by Amna Khalifa, TIWB Project Manager, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD.


Session 2 Panellists:

  • Soungalo Kone – Head of Audit, Direction générale des Impôts, Côte d‘Ivoire
  • Stephen Chipungu – Acting Assistant Director, International Taxation Unit, Zambia Revenue Agency
  • Clara Inés Ramírez Duarte – Head of International Tax, Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales, Colombia

Moderated by Joseph Stead, Senior Policy Advisor, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD.


Closing remarks

  • Rusudan Kemularia – Head of TIWB Secretariat, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD



Thursday, 10 March 2022

13:00-13:10 | Welcome and Recap of Day 1
13:10-14:15 | Session 3: Pilot Programmes to Tackle Tax Evasion
14:15-14:30 | Coffee Break
14:30-14:45 | Session 4: Poll
14:45-15:45 | Session 5: TIWB’s Role in Leveraging Tax Co-operation
15:45-16:00 | Closing Remarks and Next Steps


Welcome and Recap of Day 1

  • Rusudan Kemularia – Head of TIWB Secretariat, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD


Session 3 Panellists: 

  • Nilimesh Baruah – Senior Tax Advisor, International Cooperation and Tax Administration (ICA), CTPA, OECD
  • Carlos Dubon – Tax Investigation Expert, Servicio de Administración de Rentas, Honduras
  • Brett Martin – Chair of the Task Force on Tax Crimes (TFTC) and Assistant Commissioner for Transnational Crime Programme, Australian Taxation Office
  • Jon Swerdlow – Lead for Capacity Building in Transparency, Capacity Building Unit, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs

Moderated by Ahtesham Khan, Head of Tax for SDGs, Sustainable Finance Hub, UNDP.


Session 4: Poll


Session 5 Panellists: 

  • Nergis Gulasan – SDG Finance Specialist, Panama Regional Hub, UNDP
  • Thomas Lassourd – Senior Policy Advisor, Tax and Extractives, Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Mineral, Metals and Sustainable Development
  • Thulani Shongwe – Manager: Resource Mobilisation, African Tax Administration Forum
  • Marcio Verdi – Executive Secretary, Inter-American Centre for Tax Administration

Moderated by Thomas Beloe, Chief of Programme, Sustainable Finance Hub, UNDP.


Closing remarks

  • Thomas Beloe - Chief of Programme, Sustainable Finance Hub, UNDP





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