Tax Inspectors Without Borders boosts tax revenue in developing countries


06/10/2022 - Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB), a joint OECD/UNDP initiative, has delivered a total of USD 1.7 billion in additional tax collected and USD 3.9 billion in additional tax assessed across Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean, according to its latest Annual Report.


TIWB was launched in 2015 to strengthen developing countries' audit capacity and multinationals' compliance worldwide. TIWB is attracting great interest as an excellent example of how effective 21st century development assistance should be designed, developed and delivered.


As of 30 June 2022, TIWB programmes spanned 54 jurisdictions, with 56 completed and 50 current programmes, including 21 South-South programmes.


Building on its impact in audit work, TIWB has expanded its services to provide practical hands-on assistance on criminal tax investigation, the effective use of automatic exchange of information data, digitalisation of tax administrations and tax and the environment.


Going forward, TIWB will explore opportunities to support developing countries apply their tax laws and increase their revenues from taxation of the digital economy, including through the implementation of the Two-Pillar Solution to address the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation and globalisation of the economy.


The 2022 TIWB Annual Report was launched today at the 14th Meeting of the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS which took stock of the work undertaken by over 135 member countries and jurisdictions to end international tax avoidance through global co-operation.


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For further information, please contact the TIWB Secretariat or Lawrence Speer in the OECD Media Office (+33 1 45 24 79 70), or Matleena Siipola at UNDP (+358 40 151 88 06).


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