Tax Inspectors Without Borders - Annual Report 2022


Published 6 October 2022


In a challenging year, TIWB has persevered in delivering additional revenue and building audit skills that can improve the overall performance of developing country tax administrations in the longer term, making it an indispensable tool in the efforts to improve domestic resource mobilisation. With the collaboration of many development partners, that provide funding and expert resources, TIWB continues to expand in scope and reach and stands ready to assist an increasing number of tax administrations in developing countries.

This report looks back at TIWB’s achievements from July 2021 to June 2022. Chapter 1 describes TIWB in context. Chapter 2 provides details on TIWB programmes and operations. Chapter 3 provides information on results obtained over the past year. Chapter 4 highlights TIWB participation at international events and the initiative’s communication efforts. Finally, Chapter 5 sets out the work plan for the year and provides an overview of the previous year’s objectives and performance.

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